Tank rentals enabling water infrastructure maintenance

On the back of the OzWater Conference, Concept Environmental Services have received praise from the Australia’s Utility Sector for their temporary bypass tank rentals which are enabling local councils and utility companies to carry out vital water infrastructure maintenance.

The kudos comes following a recent report by Infrastructure Australia which identified Australia’s aging infrastructure is fast becoming an urgent issue.

Concept’s dynamic modular, pre-fabricated tank design allows clients a tailored solution built to their requirements, anywhere at any time.

Each rental comes with the support of in-house engineers and maintenance crews experienced in Planned Network Intervention (PNI).

Proven Experience

Concept’s Tank Rentals have been utilised to store potable water safely for up to 18 months, enabling critical maintenance to be carried out.

Simple Installation

Concept’s modular steel panelled tanks can be installed in as little as one day with our largest 9.6ML tank able to be installed in just one week on a simple compacted earth pad.

Efficient Decommissioning

Each Concept Tank Rental tank takes just one day to deconstruct and can be transported away on one truck for a safe, secure, seamless operation.

No Site Works

Sites requires no remediation following the decommissioning other than simple seeding of the area with local grasses to prevent soil erosion, allowing the land to be returned to the landholder in the same condition that it was received.


Our tanks are fitted with a double liner, creating a closed loop to prevent potential leakage to the surrounding environment, pumps and pipework.


Our industry-leading designs have seen our team erected tanks in the harshest of environments with no environmental impact. Meaning we can dismantle and relocate without the need for any rehabilitation works.


Concept Tank Rentals are an operational expense and can be scaled to meet production requirements, with flexible rental periods to support cashflow.For more information about how a Concept Tank Rental can support your Planned Network Intervention please contact