Concept Utility Tank

The Concept Tank™ is one of the world’s most secure, economic and environmentally friendly fluid management and potable MEGA storage water solutions. It’s a big claim, but Concept backs with industry-leading research and analysis from satisfied customers and independent bodies.

The Concept Tank™ is the world’s largest water storage tank, ranging in size from 1ML to 100ML.

The modular, precast concrete panel tanks are secure, economical and quick to install with no concrete foundation required – perfect for all your medium to long-term water security needs. 

The Concept Tanks™ are rated up to 100-years and can be equipped with a range of floating and fixed covers, as well as AS/NZS 2040:2018 Drinking Water Certified liners, and suit applications up to 100ML.

Liners carry warranties up to 35 years, and in tandem with Concept Maintenance Services can extend warranties even further.  

A modular pre-fabricated concrete design allows the Concept Tank™ to be installed within one month, with minimal earthworks and remediation required.

What are the benefits to our solution?

Our innovative solution provides greater benefits compared to traditional storage methods.


Concept adheres to the strictest safety protocols during every stage of construction. All tanks are well engineered and use AS/NZS 2040:2018 Drinking Water Certified Liners.


Concept Tanks™ offer a superior solution over traditional fluid storage methods by significantly reducing the environmental impact on the immediate and surrounding area. 

Fast Installation

Due to its unique, modular design, Concept Tanks™ have rapid installation times, giving greater flexibility to project timelines. 

Minimal earthworks

Our tanks sit on a 30% smaller footprint than traditional solutions and only require a hardened earth pad foundation, requiring minimal earthworks and remediation works. 

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Concept offers remote monitoring through its back-to-base SCADA software, , allowing asset maintenance teams to monitor plant function and schedule maintenance.

Capex Savings

Concept’s experienced field team and patented design allows for 75% faster construction at up to a 40% lower cost over alternative solutions.

Our Solution in Action

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