Concept Rental

The Concept Rental range, spanning from 0.6ML – 13.3ML, offers reduced downtime and rapid installation for all your short and long-term fluid management needs. 

Concept’s Rental Tanks are modular, require no concrete foundations, and can be relocated and resized as required. 

Installed and operational in as little as one day, Concept’s Rental Tanks simplify your urgent and interim water security needs.

They can also be fitted with fixed or floating roof options that enhance drinking water quality, reduce evaporation and maintenance.

Concept Rental Tanks can be constructed for various applications, including:

  • Dewatering
  • Drilling support
  • Potable water storage
  • Process Effluent
  • Produced water storage
  • Raw storage
  • RO Brine storage
  • Tailings
  • Truck refill stations

What are the benefits to our solution?

Our innovative solution provides greater benefits compared to traditional storage methods.

Minimal earthworks

Our tanks only require a hardened earth pad foundation, requiring minimal earthworks and remediation works.

Flexible rental terms 

Whether it’s months or years, we offer solutions for everything from Planed Network Intervention (PNI) works to temporary or emergency bypass applications.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

We also offer remote monitoring through back-to-base software, allowing your asset maintenance teams to receive up to date information.


Concept adheres to the strictest safety protocols during every stage of construction. All tanks are well engineered and use AS/NZS 2040:2018 Drinking Water Certified Liners.


Concept Tanks™ offer a superior solution over traditional fluid storage methods by significantly reducing the environmental impact on the immediate and surrounding area. 

Fast Installation

Due to its unique, modular design, Concept Tanks™ have rapid installation times, giving greater flexibility to project timelines. 

Our Solution in Action

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