Concept Bioenergy

Concept Bioenergy offers carbon neutral, renewable energy, leading the transition to a sustainable future.

Waste to Energy through Anaerobic Digestion (AD) reduces harmful greenhouse gases as well as costs associated with waste disposal, while producing a clean source of energy. 

Our bioenergy solutions are capable of producing biomethane, biogas, and electricity, all while recycling a range of digestates and organic waste. 

In Australia, around 13 million tonnes of CO2-e (carbon dioxide equivalent) are created as a result of organic waste going to landfill each year — contributing to around 3% of our total greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, this waste could be recycled and turned into bioenergy.

By diverting your organic waste from landfill, we can transform your waste into a valuable resource through the use of a Concept Bioenergy solution tailored to your specific requirements. 

Together we strive for an 80% recycle rate which would save an extra 2,102,377 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – the equivalent to planting 3,144,006 trees or taking 486,021 cars off the road each year.

Concept’s exclusive partnership entec Biopower ensures Concept Bioenergy solutions are engineered to your needs, with the aim of simplifying the future of clean energy production in Australia.

What are the benefits to our solution?

Entec Biopower has been a trusted leader within the waste management industry for more than 30 years, constructing food waste recycling plants for some of the most dominant waste management companies in the world.

The volumes collected by the waste management company are recycled and converted into electricity, gas or heat.

At Concept, we support waste management companies in the development, implementation and operation of waste management plants.

We provide an all-in-one package from profitability calculations to comprehensive Bioenergy solutions, backed by international experience but delivered locally.

Concept Bioenergy prides itself on providing ready-to-use systems capable of diversifying income; turning waste into energy.

Areas of application:

Food, Municipal & Industrial Waste 

  • Market and restaurant waste source separated organics
  • Food production industry (solid waste/wastewater)
  • Distilleries, bioethanol and biodiesel producers

Agriculture Waste

  • Livestock industries and/or agricultural production of energy crops
  • Rendering and animal processing plants

Municipal Sewage Sludge

  • Raw or treated biosolids
  • Co-digestion with biosolids

Our Solution in Action

Our Solution in Action

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