1.4ML Concept Rental Tanks – PFAS Storage

1.4ML Concept Rental Tanks – PFAS Storage

Project: Airport Expansion Project
Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD
Application: PFAS Storage
Timeframe: 2 months

A South-East Queensland Council engaged Concept to assist with their airport expansion project, by offering fluid management solutions for contaminated groundwater.

The required timeframe for delivery was tight, but Concept rapidly deployed six 1.4ML rental tanks that were operational within two months. 

The tanks were then supplemented by a 22ML Concept Tank™ with leak detection, which served the same groundwater management purpose but offered substantially greater storage capacity. 

The various Concept solutions all ensured above-ground storage for the groundwater, reducing the risk of environmental contamination to the area. The tanks also featured bird net covers, to protect local wildlife and reduce further contamination. 

The tanks could also be decommissioned and removed from site with minimal rehabilitation required, compared with traditional storage methods. 

A combination of steel rental tank options and a 22ML prefab concrete tank with double liner system with leak detection.