10ML Concept Utility Tank™ – Potable Water Reservoir

10ML Concept Utility Tank™ – Potable Water Reservoir

Project: 10ML Water Reservoir
Location: Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
Application: Potable Water
Timeframe: 3 months

A water utility in South Australia came to Concept Tanks seeking temporary potable water storage to ensure short-term water security for the Eyre Peninsula whilst looking for a permanent solution.

The team were able to roll out a 10ML Concept Utility Tank™ install that offered a 75% time saving over traditional tank options, leaving the client overjoyed. 

Concept’s innovative construction methods saw 76 pre-cast panels installed within 1 month, followed by auxiliary equipment and piping completed prior to the Christmas break. 

Lastly, the system was lined and sealed with a floating cover utilising an approved material for contact with drinking water with high UV resistance, offering security and longevity. 

The Concept Utility Tank™ system was fully operational in early February 2021, overcoming a state-wide COVID-19 lockdown, Christmas period, high winds and rain delays to meet the tight deadline.