10ML Concept Tank™ – Dust Suppression Solution

10ML Concept Tank™ – Dust Suppression Solution

Project: 10ML Concept Tank™
Location: Pilbara, Western Australia
Application: Dust Suppression
Timeframe: 2 months

Concept Tanks was engaged by a client to develop a solution to complex dust suppression requirements in remote Western Australia. 

This Pilbara-based project saw our in-house design team solve various environmental concerns, through innovative Concept Tank™ and cover design. 

The walls of the 10ML Concept Tank™ were raised to keep local fauna out, and the tank was equipped with a satellite leak detection system to keep operators informed remotely. 

A floating cover was also designed and installed to protect from seed and dust contamination. 

The project took 2 months to complete, leading to significant cost savings for Monadelphous while remaining environmentally friendly.