22ML Concept Tank™ Relocation – Water Storage

22ML Concept Tank™ Relocation – Water Storage

Project: Water storage (22ML Tank)
Location: Surat Basin, QLD
Timeframe: 2 weeks

Concept was engaged to install a 22ML Concept Tank™ solution for its operation in Central Queensland.

The timing of this water storage project enabled Concept, with the approval of the client, to relocate an existing 22ML tank from the Sunshine Coast, 600km west, to the client’s site in central Queensland.

Only requiring a hardened earth pad for its tanks, Concept was able to disassemble and return the Sunshine Coast site to the client in just 2 days, as no remediation works were required.

The newly relocated 95-metre diameter tank will now hold the equivalent of 8.5 Olympic sized swimming pools of produced water for the Denison Gas site.

The 22ML tank was re-installed in 2 weeks and was fitted with dual containment layers and a leak detection system, giving the client peace of mind.

Concept Tank™ Relocations are all part of Concept’s vision of simplifying a sustainable future.