Bioenergy Malchin

Bioenergy Malchin

Project: Bioenergy Malchin
Location: Germany
Application: Food - Waste to Energy

ReFood is Europe’s leading operator of custom designed facilities built to handle food wastes diverted from landfill.

The biogas plant undertakes anaerobic digestion of organic waste to produce biogas for fuel power generators. It includes natural degrading of food waste to generate biogas. 

The facility recycles 120,000 tonnes of commercial and domestic food waste and liquids and will generate up to 180 million KWh of biomethane each year transported directly to the national gas grid where it will provide enough energy for 10,000 homes. 

ReFood offers integrated food waste collection and recycling services for businesses in a 50 mile radius including hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, local authorities and retailers.