15ML Concept Tank™- Nickel Tailings Storage

15ML Concept Tank™- Nickel Tailings Storage

Project: Nickel Tailings - 15ML Concept Tank™
Location: Kwinana, Western Australia
Application: Nickel Tailings Storage
Timeframe: 4 months

Concept Tanks was engaged by a client to provide a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly storage solution for its planned and unplanned plant shutdowns. 

The project consisted of two above-ground concrete Concept Tanks™ with a total operating capacity of 15ML, used to store nickel-rich process liquid during the shutdowns. 

The project provided significant benefits over embankment dams which have been used historically for this purpose, with greatly increased safety and fluid security, as well as reduced environmental impact and cost saving of 40%. 

Approval for this project was received from DWER and local council within 1 month, setting the benchmark for submissions of its kind in Western Australia.