About Us


Concept is a leading provider of storage solutions to the resources and agricultural industries. Proudly Australian owned and operated, Concept has built a strong reputation for delivering quality storage solutions nationwide.

Concept is the creator of the Concept Tank, a unique, patented fluid storage solution that is widely used across multiple industrial sectors. Adhering to stringent safety standards and boasting a near perfect safety rating, Concept has supplied and installed storage for clients in metropolitan, regional and remote locations. Concept provides purchase and rental options.




Concept Tanks

Concept was founded in 2009 by Kieron Jeffries and Shaun Barry who together, identified a far superior solution to the traditional fluid storage methods typically used by the resources sector.

Following an in-depth research and development program, Concept designed and engineered a fluid storage system that offered greater protection to the environment and provided their clients with a significantly more cost-effective storage method.

Concept’s first medium-scale, modular concrete panel tank was free-standing and didn’t require any concrete foundations or extensive civil works. This became the forerunner of what is now known as the ‘Concept Tank’.

With over 200 tank installations across Australia, the Concept Tank is now a name synonymous with safe cost-effective and flexible fluid storage for the oil and gas, mining, municipal and agricultural sectors.






Feedback from our clients

"Working with Concept was a positive experience throughout our project installing a 25 Meg Concept Tank. With safety being a core value for us, it was encouraging to see Concept working with such high safety standards. The Concept Team conduct themselves in a professional manner both on and off site with a team culture that encourages a productive environment. I would recommend Concept to any company looking for exceptional advice, support and execution for their next project."

Graham Carsburg
Project Execution Manager

"I am very happy to recommend Concept Environmental Services. We worked with Concept to design and construct a 15 ML Concept Tank to our client in the Oil and Gas industry. While the project had its challenges, Concept provided all support necessary to overcome any obstacles and deliver a positive outcome. The Concept staff were excellent to work with throughout. We hope there are more projects we can work on together in the future."

Johan Lombaard
Project Engineer

"Excellent results from the Concept Team. They understood our business and provided safe, reliable and effective services from the beginning to the conclusion of the project. We have worked with Concept before and look forward to doing so in the future."

Bernard Toakley
Surface Facilities

“The introduction of The Concept Tank to Roy Hill has been a great success. So much so we have included The Concept Tank on our Innovation Register as a Business Improvement. Working in The Pilbara is difficult. Despite this, the people at Concept safely delivered exactly what they promised and have been professional and courteous throughout their time at Roy Hill. Concept is the type of company we like to work with.”

Ron Coleman
Manager Water

"Concept Environmental Services have completed Emergency Buffer Storage Tanks (EBST) for Hutchinson Builders on 5 water gathering stations for Origin Energy in the Surat Basin. The workmanship, quality and safety have all been exemplary. The finished product is a great example of quality, timely workmanship at its best."

Bob Tedford
Project Manager