Concept Dam: A better solution for large scale storage

The value of embankment dams as a secure water storage solution has been called into question in recent years and Concept is finding that more and more customers are seeking a better alternative for their water storage challenges.

Historically, embankment dams have been used to store large quantities of water and other produced fluids, but recent concerns about liquefaction, and other failure mechanisms as well as the difficulty of identifying and capturing leaks, have meant that customers are no longer seeing them as a secure, environmentally friendly solution.

The Concept Dam

This has led to the development of the Concept Dam, a pre-engineered storage solution that is designed to store between 30ML and 100ML each, over a footprint a third the size of a comparable embankment dam.

Concept Dams are the scalable alternative, allowing you to increase storage when you need it, spreading capital expenditure over the life of a project rather than spending a lot for a storage that may sit half-empty for the majority of the time.

Safe, Sustainable, Secure Solution

The pre-stressed concrete nature of the tank itself allows for a more secure solution that is not susceptible to erosion or liquefaction and can be managed through simple, yet effective fluid monitoring systems, negating the need for laborious and costly ground bores.

In addition the Concept Dam is easy to remove that the end of a projects life, leaving behind a simple compacted earthen pad, allowing for simple remediation. The dam can then be reused, reducing waste and supporting customers sustainability goals.

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