SA Water Drinking Water Storage: Port Lincoln

Work is nearing completion on a new 10 million litre water storage in Port Lincoln on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, which will increase overall water capacity at the site and ensure SA Water can continue to provide drinking water security to its local customers.

SA Water’s General Manager of Sustainable Infrastructure Amanda Lewry said the project will help ensure a reliable supply for customers – especially during the warmer weather.

“Water is central to protecting public health and stimulating economic development, and by investing in our infrastructure, we’re improving the delivery of services that support the prosperity of Port Lincoln’s communities and the town’s continued residential and business growth,” Amanda said.

The new storage is an innovative new addition to the existing two water storage tanks on the site. At 51 metres in diameter with 6-metre-high concrete walls, the design features internal tensioning cables that run the entire circumference of the tank.

In addition, the tank will include an innovative CSPE floating cover to ensure the treated drinking water within the network is kept clean and free from contaminants.

Paul Avey, CEO of Concept Environmental Services said, “This project is a significant milestone for us, our team have been working with local contractors and suppliers to ensure that we deliver a high-quality product for the people of Port Lincoln.”

The main body of the tank was completed in December 2020 and works continue to line and roof the structure, with a view to complete early February 2021.

For more information regarding Concept Environmental Services’ work as part of the project, please contact