Concept Desludging: Experience Matters

Concept’s team have over a decade of experience, with the expertise to solve the most complex desludging problems.

We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach to problem solving, communicating with our customers every step of the way. This ensures projects are completed efficiently and effectively, helping get your systems back online as quickly as possible.


Concept’s excellent safety record is underpinned by over 150 hours of training each of our team members receive every year. Empowering them to take personal responsibility for site safety and contributing to our ISO45001 accreditation.


We have a water conscious approach to desludging, using the latest technology to reduce the amount of water utilised during every project.

Our focus is on protecting liner integrity, ensuring that any issues are dealt with in a sustainable manner, repairing potential holes effectively to reduce the need for expensive liner replacement.


Fluid security is always front of mind for our team. We identify any potential issues with your storage solution as part of the process, so that repairs can be made quickly, protecting the environment and your business reputation.

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