Brine Management: Concept SEMS

The CSG sector provides many benefits to the Australian economy both directly and indirectly.

One of the lesser-known benefits is the contribution of millions of litres of water to regional areas which is produced as a result of the gas extraction process.

An average CSG operation can contribute upwards of 17 gigalitres of safe water for use in irrigation, stock watering, industry and even drinking water in some cases.

However, the by-product of the water treatment process can be difficult to deal with.

Brine Evaporation

Brine is what is left over once 90% of the produced CSG water is treated to a level that is safe for consumption. It must be safely managed and disposed of by operators in the best way possible.

Historically, large-scale evaporation ponds, storing upwards of 500 megalitres of brine, have been used for this purpose relying on evaporation to produce a concentrate that can be disposed of safely.

Saline Effluent Management System

Concept’s Saline Effluent Management System (SEMS) is different. It takes advantage of modern research into evaporation to break down brine into smaller tanks of around 50 megalitres each, thus optimising solar and wind evaporation and essentially creating a Salt Farm that proactively reduces brine to a salt concentrate.

The SEMS process stores brine across multiple tanks, increasing in salinity until the dissolved solids crystalise and form a salt concentrate that is actively removed from the system. This reduces disposal volumes and brine processing times by up to 30% compared to historical evaporation dams.

Environmentally Friendly Brine Management

The system utilises the patented Concept Tank which takes up a third of the area required for a comparable dam. The Concept Tank is the secure alternative to evaporation dams, protecting surrounding ecosystems and significantly reducing impact on the environment.

Concept’s SEMS provides economic and environmental savings for operators enabling them to return land back to owners in excellent condition, years ahead of schedule.

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