FMG Dust Suppression

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) is utilising a Concept Tank as the centre piece of their dust suppression activities in the Pilbara.

The Concept Tank holds 10ML of water and has been in operation since 2017 in one of the most remote locations in the country and is performing as designed with very little impact on the surrounding environment.

The solution is fitted with a floating cover which protects the water from seed contamination. This prevents the spread of detrimental weeds during dust suppression activities.

At 3 metres high, the pre-stressed concrete walls eliminate animals entering the tank, preventing contamination of the water as well as damage to the internal liner as a result of animal interference.

In addition, the system is fitted with satellite leak detection which keeps operators informed of any potential issues before they become significant.

At the end of the mining project the Concept Tank will be relocated and reused for similar activities at a new location, reducing waste and supporting FMG in their goal to reduce their carbon footprint as well as providing a considerable saving compared to a new build.

The Concept Tank receives 6 monthly preventative maintenance performed by our experienced team, which will ensure that FMG’s asset exceeds its 25-year design life.

For more information about how the Concept Tank could enable your dust suppression activities please contact