Concept Maintenance: Protecting Your Brand

Concept’s team of experts have been in the field for the last two months conducting the second round of Concept Tank safety inspections for 2020, providing detailed written audits to our customers about the performance of their Concept assets.

Safety Inspections

Our comprehensive 6 monthly inspection program covers critical performance criteria including:

  • Testing cable tension
  • Inspecting panels & posts
  • Tightening nuts and screws
  • Inspecting tank pad
  • Calibrating fluid monitoring sensors
  • Testing liners & tank contents

The Experts

The Concept team are the experts when it comes to Concept solutions, undergoing over 150 hours of training per year, covering all aspects of installation, pulldown, and maintenance, as well as extensive safety training.

Ongoing Stewardship

That is why we now provide a standing warranty program which covers you across the entire design life of your storage solution, protecting your brand and ensuring the ongoing stewardship of your asset.

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