Concept Tank, Sustainable Fluid Storage

The Concept Tank is the sustainable choice for fluid storage with key design features that protect the environment, reduce carbon footprint, and help our customers reach their sustainability goals.

Protect the Environment

The pre-stressed concrete walls of the Concept Tank ensure greater fluid security, being resistant to erosion by weather and animal action. The walls protect animals from drowning which can in turn damage dam liners and create leaks.

The engineered design of the Concept Tank keeps fluids above ground and separated from the surrounding environment, preventing liquefaction that can weaken embankment dams, causing significant environmental damage.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

With a footprint a third the size of a comparable embankment dam the Concept Tank requires a much smaller area of clearance for site preparation, reducing impact on surrounding environment.

In addition, the Concept Tank requires less that 10% of the truck movements compared to an embankment dam, just 50 for a 15ML solution compared to over 2,500 for a similar sized embankment dam.

This ensures that the Concept Tank is not only a safer option but has a significantly lower impact on carbon emissions as a result.

Reaching Sustainability Goals

The Concept Tank is a relocatable fluid storage solution with a 25-year design life that can be installed, and relocated multiple times based on operational needs.

With a relocation cost a fraction of the price of a new build, the Concept Tank is a cost-effective solution that reduces waste and improves cash flow.

Most Sustainable Solution

Concept is focused on sustainability, which is why the Concept Tank is the most sustainable fluid storage solution in the industry.

For more information on how Concept can help you achieve your sustainability goals please contact