Concept Tank Farms, Increased Fluid Security

A Concept Tank Farm is a method of large-scale fluid storage that offers increased security over single storage solutions such as embankment dams.

Scale to Production

A Concept Tank Farm can be scaled by adding or removing tanks in line with the varying needs of a project, freeing up cashflow during critical start-up and shut-down periods where production is at its lowest.

Reduce the Risk

By separating fluids into smaller volumes stored in Concept Tanks you significantly reduce the risk associated with large scale loss of containment that can occur in embankment dams. There is the added benefit of being able to reuse, reprocess and repurpose fluids based on operational needs.

Increase Security

The pre-stressed concrete design of the Concept Tank excludes common issues that cause embankment dams to fail. These include erosion due to weather conditions, animals and vegetation, as well as liquefaction which can cause loss of containment with potentially devastating effects.

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