The Infrastructure Cliff

The 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit identified aging water assets as one of the top three risks facing the Australian Water Sector over the coming years.

The majority of Australia’s water assets were built in the post war boom leading up to the 1970’s, which means that we are now fast approaching the “infrastructure cliff”, the forthcoming 20+ years when these assets come to the end of their 50-year design life.

Maintaining Supply

As a result, water utilities and councils are faced with renewing infrastructure whilst maintaining the high standard of water supply that Australians have come to expect.

The problem then becomes finding a temporary solution that will allow permanent structures to be by-passed whilst they are either replaced or repaired, thus ensuring uninterrupted municipal water supply.

In addition, Utilities need a permanent solution that can be installed quickly, safely and securely at a time when long term water security is of increasing concern.

Concept Reservoir

The Concept Reservoir is the latest in modular reservoir design that takes advantage of new concrete technology to build strong, sustainable structures that can be pre-fabricated and tested to strict ANZ potable water standards and installed in as little as 10 weeks.

Our reservoirs are engineered with a design life up to 100 years and supported by a program of detailed preventative maintenance that ensures that the asset achieves this milestone.

Australian Made

Concept is committed to remaining Australian Made in all we do and all our components are manufactured locally and installed by local subject matter experts with the experience to handle tough Australian conditions.

For more information about Concept Reservoirs and our other water/waste water solutions please contact