Concept Key to PFAS Remediation

A 22ML Concept Tank has been the central feature of a PFAS treatment program at a major construction project over the last 2 years, enabling the remediation of over 60 million litres of PFAS contaminated ground water which has been processed and safely returned to the environment.


The 22ML Concept Tank will be decommissioned over the coming week and relocated for use as PFAS storage at a new location over the coming months. Once the tank is removed the site will need almost no remediation with simple grading and reseeding of the area to return it to previous standard.


Concept’s solution featured an innovative dual liner system using two LLDPE liners engineered to contain substances up to class 9, each with a layer of geotextile that allows fluid to move freely to a leak detection sump, should the primary liner be breached.

The entire solution is designed to act as a self-contained bund meaning any leak is isolated and repaired without fear of contamination of the surrounding environment.

In addition, our 24-hour back to base asset monitoring system alerts key staff via text or email if fluid is detected in the sump, allowing a swift response to any alarms if they occur.

Brand Protection

The Concept Tank has been maintained by our preventative maintenance program, conducted by Concept field experts who test every aspect of the fluid storage and monitoring system, providing a detailed report that supports the safe running of the system. Thereby ensuring fluid security, protecting the customers brand and the environment.


The Chief Project Manager stated, “The Concept PFAS solution has performed flawlessly and has been central to the success of the PFAS treatment and the construction project as a whole.”

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