Concept Biogas

The emerging Bioenergy market in Australia is growing fast with investment from local and federal government encouraging expansion across the renewable energy sector.

The industry is set to grow from 0.5% of national energy production in 2019, to 9% over the next 30 years equating to over 90,000 bioenergy plants, up from just 250 today.

Concept Biogas

At Concept we help our customers navigate the many options available, with the experience to cut through red tape and maximise support from organisations like ARENA, so that you end up with a Bioenergy plant that will reduce costs, increase profitability and diversify income streams to future proof your operation.

Our customers are looking for ways to reduce the cost of waste processing and disposal as well as decreasing dependence on the electricity/gas grid. In addition to cost pressures there are also increasing environmental and sustainability demands in an economy that is constantly changing.

Concept Biogas has solutions for every application, from small containerised systems, to full scale multi-digester designs and everything in between, helping you achieve your operational goals.

Global Technology, Local Expertise

Concept is proud to announce our partnership with entec Biopower, a leading provider of waste to energy solutions throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the US.

Our partnership allows exclusive access to the latest European Biogas technology delivered and maintained locally via Concepts team of industry experts.

Together we are uniquely placed to be able to execute and support complex projects both now and into the future.

To discuss your operational needs and find out how Concept Biogas can help future proof your business, contact